derrel-myers-at-williams-vigilCalifornia Crime Victims for Alternatives to the Death Penalty (CCV) is a coalition of murder victim family members who support alternatives to the death penalty. After the horrifying loss of a loved one to homicide, they are left with a clear awareness that the death penalty fails to address the needs of victims on many counts. The coalition does not endorse any specific reason for opposing the death penalty, but supports all families in telling their stories and educates the public about alternatives to the death penalty. CCV can also direct families to available support and resources regardless of their views on the death penalty or whether the perpetrator has been apprehended.

budget-fix-judyWhy do murder victim family members support ending the death penalty? Ending the death penalty and replacing it with the swift and certain punishment of life in prison without possibility of parole is a smart way to save money that would be better spent elsewhere—on services victims really need and on programs that will actually improve public safety. The fact is that the death penalty costs hundreds of millions of dollars more than the alternative, life without parole. And only a handful of killers even receive death sentences. By replacing the death penalty with life without parole we can:

  • Use the money to get more killers off of our streets by solving the 46% of murders that go unsolved each year in California. Read more
  • Provide swift justice for victims without retraumatizing them through lengthy death penalty trials and appeals.
  • Prevent cuts to the victims’ fund, which helps victims pay for grief counseling, funeral expenses, medical costs, and other services.
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